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BLK LUV (BLK IS LUV) is a blockchain nonprofit dedicated to blockchain diversity and educating small business on how to onboard their business to the new digital economy. We built the first social media dCommerce marketplace called LUV NFT as a pandemic relief solution for the world.

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With $0 donations, grants or VC funding we’ve built a LUV Metaverse to incentivize the world to do better, led by our d-commerce market called LUV NFT.

ARVRtise a new blockcahin AD industry. Follow @ARVRtise and apply for a blockchain AD grant.

LNElord LUV NFT is a free real estate investing game of finding, buying, renting or tokenizing properties around the world.

Queen AMA aka “Ask me anything” GPT is a free A.I. bot made to help small businesses answers questions they would normally have to pay an expert for.


Monetize your video content on our PPV ARVRtise platform and earn 100% of your earnings as a creator.


We built a free Linktree alternative that allows you to embed your most important social media posts and spotify playlists.

Create a free website landing page on our P2P ARVRtise link platform. Use Queen AMA ” Build me a full html landing page for my ____ business”.

Wake up and use our Thanks GPT to help create daily gratitude and appreciation for life.

Run your business 100% on Telegram by signing up for our mechant account to accept Telegram’s currency called TON.

Create a free .LUV domain name on Mumabi testnet.

DR Candy NFT



For the past 16 years, Candy has been a leading Business Developer with an impressive history of positioning companies for success with multi-million dollar sales growth. With her knack for building highly accomplished teams that demonstrate profound dedication to operational excellence, she has helped to establish business structures, workplace culture, and marketing strategies in successful start-up companies in medical & dental practices, e-commerce stores, and other service-based businesses across the US. Candy stays ahead of the curve by merging her background in marketing with her education as a practicing Metaphysician, which has proven to give companies a competitive advantage. She utilizing her foresight, imagination, and unconventional marketing campaigns to build solid teams and organizations.

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Hahz Terry aka “The Wizard of HAHZ” is a Web 3 thought leader who has consulted successful NFT projects for celebs, athletes, and brands such as Hulu, Audio Mack, UMG, and The World Poker Tour.

Hahz created the 1st CNO (Chief NFT Officer) role in history after educating Web 2 brands on creating Web 3 projects, defining his role as a CNO. The Wizard of Hahz partnered with A5Labs to accept the challenge of creating the 1st casino gaming NFT poker collection in iGaming History. NFT poker avatars act as a bridge for onboarding Web 2 igaming apps to Web 3 NFT avatars that can be displayed at the poker table. Hahz has contributed to over $5 million in NFT sales to date.

Before educating Web 3 brands on NFT Marketing, Hahz was infusing his 20+ yrs of Web 2 experience creating digital campaigns w/ Fortune 100 Corps including Amazon, Delta, Salesforce, Amex, Walmart, and Marvel. Hahz has successfully managed and optimized a quarter billion in PPC ad campaigns that reduced initial ad spending by over 40% in the last 15 yrs.

“After watching so many small businesses being tricked into investing in Web 2 digital marketing services from people capitalizing off the wave, I again saw history repeating itself on Web 3. As an expert in Web 3 for the past 3 YEARS, I watched majority of Linkedin users convert to “NFT Specialists” in the last 6 MONTHS🤷🏽‍♂️ How will anyone know which Web 3 services are legit with no Web 2 style of SEO analytics on Web 3? I then created Proof of Service (Po3) NFTs that ended up being the solution ensuring equal pay and expose who is REALLY qualified for these Web 3 roles, with NFT technology.”
-The Wizard of HAHZ 🧙🏽‍♂️💭💜

Hahz & Dr. Candy provide their 5D LUVR Tribe with free Web 3 guidance as a non-profit service.

💡 Highlights:
🎤 Speaker at NFT.NYC about virtual Real Estate.
💭 Lecturing at Universities on blockchain being a higher state of consciousness.
🥇 The 1st CNO (Chief NFT Officer) in blockchain
💜 Spreading LUV “The only true currency.”

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BLK LUV Organization Inc is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit in the United States, and all gifts to us are tax-deductible in the United States to the fullest extent allowed by law. Our Tax ID number is 85-3904354.