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How To Rent NFT Commercial Real Estate

How To Rent NFT Commercial Real Estate

Cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology is here to advance the way our world conducts are day to day business transactions. Virtual real estate has proven itself to one day surpass physical real estate value wise. Until this happens physical real estate including commercial real estate will utilize NFTs to bridge physical and virtual estate mapped to the real world.

So before we dive to deep in the crypto rabbit hole let’s discuss what exactly are NFTs? They are unique non-fungible tokens issued on the blockchain that represent something that’s a one of one. They’re currently used mostly to sell digital products such as art or music, certifying ownership of the product with a unique, unforgeable signature. But NFTs are evolving beyond art to represent ownership of physical items in the real world, making them an excellent option for renting and eventually buying and selling real estate properties.

“Every physical asset in the world will be tokenized as an NFT digital asset. 1/4 homes are currently underwater mortgage wise and tokenize debt free homes as NFT’s is the only solution for the real estate industry.” According to virtual real estate expert Hahz Terry

I’ve been speaking about virtual real estate since NFT.NYC and i’ve created the first virtual real estate marketplace called to usher in this new use case for NFT’s. Virtual real estate is our opportunity to fix this broken outdated method of obtaining a residence and a opportunity to create a solution for this rental crisis.

Why Use NFTs For Real Estate?

One of the downsides of investing in real estate involves the outdated process of dealing with middleman that make it unnecessarily hard to hassle of transfer property ownership. It currently takes a tremendous amount of paperwork, people and fees to buy a property or open an equity line. With an NFT, the transaction process is streamlined, allowing a buyer to assume ownership of a piece of real estate within minutes with peer-to-peer technology.

However, by using blockchain and NFT technology, you can achieve higher levels of security and data integrity than a traditional way of acquiring a piece of property. This protects both buyers and sellers and makes it much easier to transfer physical assets without risk of any problems. Buyers can stake their digital assets or borrow against the NFT using decentralized finance (DeFi) or traditional finance (TradFi) products on the blockchain, skipping the arduous due diligence required by most big banks when taking out a mortgage.

How Does Renting Commercial Real Estate Work?

In order to rent real estate as an NFT, the first step is to undergo a consultation with a virtual real estate expert. Book a call here.

Upon a consultation LUV NFT can create your customized commercial virtual real estate property smart contract that can used to incentivize a commercial real estate sale or renter. The NFT created represents proof of an owners or renters ownership of the commercial real estate. LUV NFT essentially does all of the heavy lifting along with the education needed to understand how NFTs have changed the way we rent and buy physical assets.

NFT Commercial Real Estate Solutions

Traditional commercial real estate leases are complex and require a lawyer to decipher legal jargon terms. Smart contracts simplify leasing and allow the holder to resell an NFT commercial real estate location at any given time without involving the owner of the commercial real estate property that will earn royalties on all secondary sales in the event of renting or selling.

Preparing For The New Digital Economy Future

So, how can you prepare for the imminent changes to the commercial real estate industry? First, if you have read this article, you are off to a great start. Education about this space is key. Without a fundamental understanding of blockchain technology and NFTs, it will be difficult to understand all of the benefits that the technologies will bring to commercial real estate.

Next? Follow @luvnft and buy an NFT to get in the game. There’s a learning curve when it comes to buying and selling NFTs. The only way to learn is to practice. Familiarizing yourself with the process will pay dividends in the long run.

LUV NFT Creates A New Public Housing Blueprint With Marcy NYC NFT Collection

Marcy House NYC NFTS

JAY-Z isn’t the only one giving back to Marcy Houses. On Friday (June 10), Hahz along with his wife Dr. Candy announced that they’re giving away 444 Marcy Houses NYC 5D NFTs to the first 444 Marcy housing project residents that provide proof of current residency and their Polygon wallet address in their LUV NFT Telegram or via email [email protected]

LUV NFT challenges Jay-Z and former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to purchase the remaining 1,261 Marcy Houses NYC 5D NFTs that can be written off as a non-profit donation and give them away to residents to further their financial literacy. Holding a digital asset in your wallet that can easily be flipped for 10x the price will inspire the masses understand the value of virtual real estate ownership while learning how to profit in the new digital economy. Education is the key to onboarding people of color who never had the luxury of having physical assets passed down from generations. Digital assets are the new physical assets and they can passed down to your children while you’re alive.

LUV NFT created a challenge for all Brooklyn residents who want to educate any Marcy houses residents on how to set up a MetaMask to accept a Polygon NFT airdrop. LUV NFT will pay a missionary who successfully teaches one of the 1705 residents how to onboard to Web 3 $500 in their native ERC20 Polygon token $LUV. If Jay-Z & Jack Dorsey accept the challenge of buying out the collection, LUV NFT will pay missionaries $5000 in their native ERC20 Polygon token $LUV token for each resident they onboard.

A missionary can take x amount of time a day to educate a Marcy resident about the new digital economy. Once the mission is accomplished the missionary has to take a picture with a resident they onboarded, holding up a MetaMask wallet screen, along with proof of Marcy Houses residency. All proof of onboarding can be sent to [email protected] LUV NFT will repost all the pictures of proof of onboarding in their Instagram stories.


Hov, along with Jack Dorsey announced last week that they’re teaming up on a 12-week financial literacy program, The Bitcoin Academy for residents of the Marcy Houses project in Brooklyn.

Jack Dorsey is also buzzing in the Web 3 community after his announcement of Web 5 with no clarity on what it entails.

“I’ll clarify on what Web 5 is, it’s the 5th dimension where love (LUV) is the only true currency. It’s time the world knows the truth of how currency works. Your Vibration Bank Account funds anything you can imagine if your belief and passion is stronger than your doubts or fear. Having joy and positive vibes will keep your currency of money flowing. Money is infinite despite the lies we all we were all told. We have all witnessed how fear crippled the the value of Web 3 cryptocurrency. It’s time to try something new called LUV.” Hahz

Web 3 companies aren’t doing enough to help people in real life, in the event of our current economy. The market is bear currently because Web 3 was created to help others and not for brands to hoard cash during times like this. If anyone wants to give back to Marcy Housing residents they can buy one of the fractionalized 1,705 LUV NFT Estate apartments and volunteer their time to educate a resident on how to onboard to Web 3 to accept donations in our Telegram.

Marcy Houses is a New York Housing Authority (NYCHA) project built-in 1949. It has 27 six-story buildings with 1,705 apartments housing 4,200 residents on 28 acres in an isolated area of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

Virtual real estate in 2021 increased 500% and as a Tokenopoly-themed platform LUV NFT is onboarding the masses to Web 5 with digital asset ownership. LUV NFT created a social media-friendly digital marketing strategy to allow LNElords to flex their virtual properties. Creators couldn’t profit from their social media trends until Web 5 emerged. LUV NFT Market allows creators to own their content and level up by supporting their tribe.

“Everyone knows how to play the game of Monopoly, we recreated Monopoly with NFTs and call it Tokenopoly so as a nonprofit we educate those who invest in themselves as an avatar. The masses have been using crypto masked as Web 2 for the last five years, this fear of learning Web 3 or Web 5 is an illusion projected by the media.” Hahz

In 2020 Hahz & Candy launched BLK LUV [org] a blockchain nonprofit dedicated to creating a pandemic relief solution after hearing about 70% of black-owned businesses closing due to a lack of capital. BLK LUV org believes that small businesses could have been easily onboarded to Web 3 in the year 2020 if small businesses were provided crypto capital as a pandemic relief solution.

“Everything has to be recreated on Web 5 including a new blueprint for non-profits. Anyone who wants to donate to a purpose no longer has to send money to a nonprofit in hopes of the money being used for its intended purposes. Anyone can purchase a LUV NFT and donate it directly to anyone in the world, because an NFT is a crypto gift card with digital money on it. We could end world hunger this year when we all align as a collective consciousness to educate small businesses about blockchain technology and teach each other about the solutions that have already been created. If a company is trying to monopolize a blockchain industry from the Web 2 mentality of greed your brand is #ngmi. The universe isn’t going to allow that this explains why cryptocurrency is currently in bear crypto market.” The Wizard of Hahz

Best Telegram NFT

Hahz & Candy donate their Web 3 services to all LUV NFT Estate (LNE) LNElords via Telegram by way of their blockchain nonprofit. Unity and relearning what currency is from the frequency of love is the way. Reshare this article and tag @luvnft if you believe in “Purpose over Profit”.

LUV NFT Atlanta Night Club Virtual Real Estate Collection

When it comes to real estate, investors should not worry about the rising inflation. In my view, investors are the ones who are going to benefit from it. To be clear, property owners greatly differ from real estate investors. Not all property owners are real estate investors. For example, if you are a residential property owner and your property is not generating any cash flow, that makes your property a lazy equity property. On the other hand, if you own a rental property that’s generating cash flow, then that property is an asset and you as the owner can be considered a real estate investor.

Home prices are on the rise nationwide. According to, the U.S. saw record breaking price hikes in May — making homes increasingly more difficult to afford. The Social Security cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for 2022 in January was 5.9%, the highest increase in 40 years — a portent of the rising cost of living in America.

The Georgia Association of Realtors reported in January that the average sales price for houses in Georgia rose 17% year-over-year and that homes spent 21% fewer days on the market.

“Declining affordability and low inventory have made it difficult for many buyers to compete in the current market, as rising inflation, surging interest rates, and record high sales prices have priced an increasing number of prospective buyers out of the market,” the association said in its housing supply overview for April 2022.

As of April 2022, the association recorded that the median sales price of Georgia homes had risen 21% year-over-year. The price now stands at a whopping $345,000 for the typical Georgia home. This number is still 19.52% below the national median home price, which has reached $428,700 — according to Federal Reserve Economic Data.


Metaverse Virtual Real Estate

LUV NFT Virtual Real Estate

It’s no secret the real estate market is skyrocketing, but the Covid pandemic is creating another little-known land rush. Indeed, some investors are paying millions for plots of virtual land — not in New York or Beverly Hills. In fact, the plots do not physically exist here on Earth, plots of land in the Metaverse.

Prices for plots have soared as much as 500% in the last few months ever since Facebook announced it was going all-in on virtual reality, even changing its corporate name to Meta Platforms.

“The metaverse is the next social media, the biggest difference is that you own and can sell your content with no middleman fees” said Hahz Terry, CEO of LUVNFT.COM,


Atlanta Virtual Night Club Estate

atlanta nfts


LUV NFT is teaching blockchain Web 3 financial literacy in a new that is familiar to any long term Atlanta resident by tokenizing all of the hottest night spots as virtual real estate. Any one now has the ability to become the owner of a virtual Atlanta night club mapped to a real life address by owning a LUV NFT stored in their crypto wallet. Once business owners onboard to Web 3 they will have to purchase their virtual business back from the current owner. This concept is a combination of Yelp and early 90s when people were buying up business domains knowing the business would be forced to purchase their domain off of them when they finally onboarded to the internet.

In the near future all physical businesses free and clear of any mortgages will be sold by virtual real estate NFT which elevates unnecessary paper work and middleman. LUV NFT has recreated Google maps with LUV NFTs on Web 3 to allow their holders to discover NFTs around the world as easy as two clicks. This solves of the challenges of blockchain not having the traditional luxury of searching for companies or NFTs in a Google search like fashion.

Once a business claims there 1 o 1 LUV NFT Estate (LNE) to become the LNElord, LUV NFT will help them monetize their remaining services and products. Each LUV NFT Estate has a 1 of 1 emoji hveirogyplic hashtag to circumvent social media algorithms.

How do you make money selling an Atlanta virtual night club estate? It’s simple do load your crypto wallet with $MATIC currency to buy the LUV NFT then you resell it for 10-100x what you paid for it. Market your LUV NFT digital asset the same way you would a e-commerce product and once someone buys it off of you the money is sent to your crypto wallet with no middleman fees.

VIP Section Virtual Estate

Compound LUV NFT virtual real estate

Night clubs have essentially been selling virtual properties as VIP sections within the club for decades. The future of VIP sections will be in the form of a LUV NFT that will allow a VIP section NFT owner to resell their section while the owner the night club earns royalties on all secondary sales. Night club flyers will become NFTs that will allow the holders to promote the night club better than the promoter in an attempt to resell the NFT flyer to earn a profit along with royalties. Champagne bottle NFTs will unlock physical bottles and drink NFT holders will unlock unlimited drink privileges.

Contact [email protected] to tokenize your business or visit to find a virtual estate.

Here is the Polygon LUV NFT collection contract 0x35f8aee672cdE8e5FD09C93D2BfE4FF5a9cF0756