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Donation PR Campaign For Homeless Barber Darnell Wells

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    Hahz Terry


As a modern blockchain nonprofit, donations are done completely differently than what you're used to. We've gamified the purpose economy to challenge the world to do good and earn $LUV in a game we call LUV Games, which is inspired by preventing our economy from reaching the point of becoming the Hunger Games. We donate our minted currency to match the donations from corporations that best align with the LUV Game bounty, creating a win-win Purpose PR campaign for everyone involved, rewarding heroes.

Backstory: We contacted barber Darnell Wells before writing this article or creating this bounty to show appreciation to Darnell. We discovered his story on @imagesyouwontseeontv Instagram page and were inspired to reach out to Darnell, with your assistance.


Barbershop LUV NFT

Only 100 Barbershop [0x408c37172069cDbc3EdfE508BD31ec96Af09186E] LUV NFTs exist in the world. Once we train Darnell on how to set up his Polygon wallet, if he doesn't already have one, we will donate one free Barbershop LUV NFT. This NFT will be put up for sale after we host a special 'Spaces' event for Darnell to share his story. Once we announce his Barbershop LUV NFT drop date, anyone in the world can donate to Darnell, enabling him to monetize his purpose without a middleman. When we find a corporate sponsor, we will match their donation to Darnell 1-for-1 in LUV.Asourgamescales,playerscanuseLUV. As our game scales, players can use LUV around the world for products and services, as well as redeem their $LUV with our corporate sponsors. There isn't a scarcity of money; there was a scarcity in how blockchain currency was being used to solve real-world problems until now.

Luv Games is our solution to AI taking up half of our workforce while also inspiring the youth to be rewarded for doing good things in their city, like Darnell. If any city wants to reduce crime and help residents who don't know where their next meal is coming from make the right choice and do something positive for $LUV, we are interested in partnering with you.

Here's what else we need for Darnell Wells: corporate sponsors who want to donate money or products to support Darnell in scaling his mission. We will post all the updates on this PR campaign on our social media platforms so you can follow this story.

Once we contact Darnell, here is what we will provide him to monetize his purpose:

  • 💈 We will assist him in setting up his Polygon wallet to receive donations for his charity work.
  • 💈 A barbershop LUV NFT that allows anyone in the world to donate directly to Darnell by purchasing his Barbershop NFT.
  • 💈 A Twitter Spaces interview for Darnell to discuss his motivation and what inspired him to provide free haircuts.
  • 💈 A drop date to release his Barbershop NFT.
  • 💈 Social Media PR

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