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Market research estimates that in 5 years 60% of the current workforce will be replaced by A.I. robots. We will have a BLK LUV ULI (Universal LUV Income) model created for our LUV tribe.

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BLK LUV is a metaphor to awaken and elevate a new global dynamism. BLK LUV Organization Inc is a Domestic 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation that seeks to diversify blockchain and teach the masses how to utilize crypto.

BLK LUV team



hahz terry

HAHZ TERRY - Co-Founder

Serial entrepreneur and advisor, Hahz has two decades of experience growing brands in industries that span from law, medical, e-commerce stores, blockchain, web development, and coding, through his marketing firm. Hahz demonstrates an entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial spirit and has an innate ability to quickly identify and actulize marketing and business strategies that maximize organizational growth.

DR Candy NFT

DR. CANDY TERRY - Co-Founder

For the past 16 years, Candy has been a leading Business Developer with an impressive history of positioning companies for success with multi-million dollar sales growth. With her knack for building highly accomplished teams that demonstrate profound dedication to operational excellence, she has helped to establish business structures, workplace culture, and marketing strategies in successful start-up companies in medical & dental practices, e-commerce stores, and other service-based businesses across the US. Candy stays ahead of the curve by merging her background in marketing with her education as a practicing Metaphysician, which has proven to give companies a competitive advantage. She utilizing her foresight, imagination, and unconventional marketing campaigns to build solid teams and organizations.

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hahz terry

Haneef Haqq, MBA - Financial Analyst

Haneef has over 14 years of relevant public and private sector financial services industry experience comprised of: risk management consulting (Big Four servicing global systemically important banks (G-SIBs)), supervisory agency (commissioned safety and soundness examiner, and capital market subject-matter expert at the FDIC), and commercial and consumer lending experience (early career experience managing a loan production office prior to and during the financial crisis). Regulatory risk and remediation of hot topics on the regulatory agenda; CCAR/DFAST and regulatory reporting; credit risk management, including commercial, CRE, and retail; enterprise risk management, including risk appetite, risk identification, new products and initiatives, third party risk, model risk, market risk, liquidity, and treasury risk, and operational risk.


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hahz terry

Michel Bauwens - Founder of the P2P Foundation

O.G., Michel Bauwens is a Peer-to-Peer theorist and an active writer, researcher, and conference speaker on the subject of peer production, governance, and property. Michel is the founder of the P2P Foundation P2P Foundation an international organization focused on the study, research, promotion, and documentation of peer-to-peer practices. Its website serves as a networking site for those who support P2P processes for many systems within the current socio-economic and cultural-political order. The organizations product, Choke Point Project, aims to map their entire internet.


hahz terry

James Zaki - Advisor Board

James Zaki is a current engineer and educator enabling SMEs to take advantage of early web3 technologies and is a former AlphaWallet project manager.



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